FAWSsit-B5000 Bariatric
FAWSsit-B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit-B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit-B5000 Bariatric

FAWSsit-B5000 Bariatric

The B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit™ shower stall has the same design as the S2000 Standard FAWSsit™, but it was added to the product line to meet the needs of two distinct groups:  The morbidly obese individual who requires an oversized wheelchair and shower to realize the same health benefits as individuals with disabilities who are able to use a standard sized wheelchair.  It was also designed for individuals who may be able to fit into a standard sized wheelchair, but who may have foot or leg issues which require additional depth to accommodate their foot extension.  As with the other FAWSsit™ models, the B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit™ portable shower is for those who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use, and who may not be able to do re-modeling of the bathroom to allow for full accessibility.  Its cost is a fraction of a re-model for a Bariatric accessible re-model.  Users include renters, seniors, hospice patients, or large individuals with almost any type of permanent or temporary disability for whom showering or bathing is no longer safe or even possible. While the B5000 model is for individuals who are still able to use a standard Bariatric wheelchair, if a custom size is required, Care Giver Support Products will be happy to provide a bid.

The size of the B5000 is 46” wide by 46” deep, and stands 44” tall.  With this unit, the person to be bathed can be rolled into the shower stall in a Bariatric shower/commode style of wheelchair.  Once inside the shower stall, a front support bar is lowered so that the fourth side of the shower pan can be attached for waste water collection.  A front shower curtain may be brought around for the person who is able to do their own bathing, or may be left open for easier caregiver access to assist with the bathing.

The source of water for the B5000 shower unit is any standard sink faucet.  And, there is a pump mounted on the outside of the shower stall which pulls the waste water from the drain pan.  There is a hose attached to the pump unit which returns the waste water to the sink drain for disposal.  (See Operations and Maintenance for tips on using and maintaining the FAWSsit™ portable shower.)

  • Product Specifications
  • Flexible rubber faucet attachments
  • Double layer vinyl Drainpan
  • Custom designed diaphragm wet/dry pump
  • 44 inches High
    46 Inches Wide
    46 Inches Deep
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No Tools Needed!