Frequently Asked Questions - Before you buy
FAQs - Before you buy

Questions about the FAWSsit™ Shower before you make your purchase.

If you wipe your curtains down after each use, it should last a long time. Some clients like to refresh their shower with new curtains once every year. They can be purchased from your dealer or by contacting us at 1-877-329-7748. Curtains are inexpensive, around $35.00 for a new set.

No, it’s not a good idea to store your FAWSsit™ shower in temperatures below 32 degree. The water pump still contains a small amount of water in the pump motor. It’s best kept in a room above 55 degrees.

Yes, in fact the FAWSsit™ S2000 standard shower unit has a hard sided travel case built for traveling. It comes with wheels and a handle on the opposite end to pull it with. Also built on the side are two handles for easy pick up or carrying. Stores flat to 8 inches in thickness. Call your dealer for specific pricing on the FAWSsit™ hard sided travel case. For the other FAWSsit™ shower units, no travel cases are available at this time.

There is no need for the care attendant to get into the shower with you. The FAWSsit™ showers are built so that the care attendant can assist you from the outside of the shower versus having to get inside.

No tools are needed. The showers are shipped fully assembled. Setup is less than 5 minutes, less once you use it a few times.

We recommend that you clean your shower at least twice a month by adding a light bleach solution (about one cup of bleach added to 2-3 gallons of fresh water.) Slosh it around to disinfect all of the pan. Then turn on the water pump and let it pump the bleach solution through the pump and hoses. You should also wipe down the shower curtains and shower pan after each use. Clean the filter mesh after each use as well.

The shower sprayer comes with a rubber adaptor that easily pushes up onto the sink faucet. A little dish soap and warm water will help that process. If the end of the sink faucet is too large for the rubber adaptor, you can remove it and attach our universal adaptor that comes with every FAWSsit™ shower. You can find pictures of all of these items in the User Manual supplied with each shower when shipped.

We ship all our FAWSsit™ showers with a minimum of 10 feet of hoses. If longer hose is needed, ask your dealer include that request with your order. We can accommodate up to 16 feet of hose length, per the manufacturer’s pump requirements.

We have shower units in service for over 6 years. If cleaned and used carefully, it should last you several years.

You should allow for approximately three feet around the front, both sides to better assist someone with their bath. The rear of the shower will usually be backed to your water source.