Frequently Asked Questions - After you buy
FAQs - After you buy

Questions about the FAWSsit™ Shower after you make your purchase.

The FAWSsit™ Portable Showers are fully assembled and require no tools or assembly.  Instructions for set up at the sink are included, and only require unfolding the frame, attaching the Velcro support strips for the waste water drain pan to the shower frame, plugging in the frame-mounted pump to a grounded 110V power outlet, and attaching the  shower head to the sink faucet.

Because the FAWSsit™ is a fully assembled unit, and because the pump will be removing the waste water while the shower is underway, there will be very little to do upon shower completion.  First, open the front Velcro straps and lift the bar.  Roll out of the shower.  After the individual receiving the shower is out and accommodated, then remove any residual water in the waste water pan by running the pump while picking up corners of the waste water pan to direct the last residual water to the back where the suction hose will remove any remaining water.   Second, take a small wash rag and wipe residual water from the vinyl curtains and the waste water pan to prevent mildew upon storage.  Third, unplug the pump, coil up and hang the GFI plug on the frame using the plastic strap provided to prevent damage in storage. Fourth, remove the shower head attachment for the faucet, then loosen the Velcro straps from the sides of the frame and hang the waste water pan on the back of the shower frame.  Finally, fold in the sides of the frame for storage until the next shower.

After each shower, take a tissue and remove any hair or soap residual from the mesh at the back of the shower pan.  To keep bacteria from accumulating over time, it is suggested that once a week, or approximately every five showers, it would be well to do the following:  Run a few gallons of water into the drain pan and add approximately one cup of chlorine bleach.  Swish the solution around in the pan to disinfect the inside of the pan.  Then start the pump and pull the waste water up through the pump.  This will help disinfect the hoses and the inside of the pump as well as the pan.  The shower curtains are germicide imbedded to prevent mildew, but it would be a good idea to also wipe the curtains down with the bleach solution as well to help keep the unit disinfected.

There is a full one year warranty against defects on all elements of the shower, including the pump.  There is a ten year warranty on the frame.  An additional one year of warranty for the pump can be purchased at the time the FAWSsit™ is purchased.  The price for this additional one year warranty is $100.

Because the FAWSsit™ folds flat when not in use, it can be stored in any number of different locations, including hanging it from brackets on a wall, laying it flat and storing it under a bed, or placing it in a closet.  The only restriction is that the storage location should not be allowed to freeze, as there is some residual water in the pump, and damage can occur if allowed to freeze.

Depending on the model, the weight of the entire unit is as little as 28 pounds, for the S2000 Standard, up to 40 pounds for the R3000 Recliner model.

Yes.  Many of the U.S. airlines have already indicated that they will check your FAWSsit™ Portable Shower as Durable Medical Equipment.  It should, of course, be contained in a shipping box with original padding.  For the S2000 Standard model only there is also a hard-sided travel case on wheels which can be purchased.  This makes shipping, transporting, and storing the FAWSsit™ much easier.  Call for details (1-877-329-7748).

No.  While it is advisable and recommended to use a shower/commode style of wheelchair to ensure the most effective use and longest life, it is possible to use a standard wheelchair with a vinyl seat.  Be advised, however, that with repeated use of a regular wheelchair, there may be rust of the wheel bearings over time.  Shower/commode wheelchairs do not have this issue.

No.  You can use a standard shower bench as well.  However, for safety reasons, it is highly recommended that a wheelchair be used to prevent slips, falls or accidents from stepping on a wet shower floor.  With the FAWSsit™, the individual who is to receive a shower can be placed in the wheelchair, then rolled into the shower stall, showered in the wheelchair, then rolled back out as soon as the shower is completed.  No lifts or transfers are required, so slips and falls are not a concern.

Because of the unique, patented design of the FAWSsit™, the individual can be rolled out as soon as the shower is completed.  No need to wait for water to drain or be pumped out.  Most of the water will be pumped out during the showering process, but even if a small amount of residual water remains, the pan is designed to direct the water to the back of the pan and will not run out on the floor when the front is opened to allow for rolling out of the unit.