Shower Chairs

Shower/Commode Travel Wheelchair

The best and most effective way to ensure a good shower for an individual in a wheelchair is to have a chair specifically designed for use in a shower. The FAWSsit™ offers 6 chair models that are designed not only for long term, repeat use in a shower, but the commode style seat enables the best perineal access for full hygiene. This chairs are special also because they snap apart and can be stored or used for travel with the optional travel case.

Aluminum Shower Commode Mobile Chair

Drive Medical model NRS185006

40.5” H x 24.5” W x 42” L (with riggings)
24” Rear Wheels; Weight Limit 275 Lbs.

The model NRS185006 style Aluminum Shower Commode Mobile Chair is perfect for people who are looking for a shower chair and commode for their home and want the convenience of a wheelchair for easy transportation and mobility. This chair can be positioned over a standard toilet for use and comes with a bucket to be used anywhere it is required. The seat cut-out provides for easy bottom cleaning and comfort. This chair is an attractive white color and is also resistant to rust which makes it ideal for the shower. Footrests comes standard and include adjustable height and angle footplates, padded seat back and arms plus a few more standard features. Limited lifetime warranty.

Bariatric Aluminum Shower & Commode Chair

Drive Medical model NRS185008

Overall Dimensions: 35.04” L x 26” W x 20.5” – 22.4” H (with riggings)
Locking 5” casters; Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

The model NRS185008 style bariatric shower & commode chair combines the useful function of a homecare commode with the comfort of a full-access shower seat. This chair is constructed of a rust-resistant, lightweight aluminum that its strong enough for users up to 500 lbs. Its 5” caster wheels allow it to easily move between bedroom and bathroom, and its east push-button assembly makes it great for taking with you wherever you go. The seat cut-out allows the chair to be positioned over a standard toilet, or the commode can be used anywhere with the included bucket. The backrest and seat are padded and the standard footrests are height and angle adjustable for maximum comfort.

Limited lifetime warranty.